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Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 3:09 PM

Kayla Jones
Rachel Jean Stevens
Rachel Stevens and Kayla Jones were arrested today at the Muskogee County Courthouse for child abuse to a 5 year old boy, according to Muskogee Police officer Lincoln Anderson. The case began with a call to see a child in the hospital about inconsistent injuries on December 8. Through the investigation Muskogee Police Investigators determined that over the course of several months the child was abused by Rachel and Kayla, leading to a lengthy stay in the hospital for the child.

When investigators received the call Dec. 8, the investigation began at a Tulsa hospital after the child had been taken to a children’s clinic in Muskogee due to the severity of the child’s condition was referred to a Tulsa hopsital. The child at that time was suffering from lesions on his face, and had begun to have severe seizures, and it was determined that he had several broken bones that were in various stages of the healing process, he has had two strokes during his time in the hospital, and had developed a staph infection. He was later transferred to another hospital because of these same reasons and his health has slowly progressed for the better.

During the course of the investigation it was determined that the child had not been to the doctor in several months, and during the course of interviews of another 5 year old boy and 7 year old girl that were also in the home, more of what had taken place was revealed.

Investigators learned that he would be kicked in the genitals until he was bleeding, struck with belts head and hands, would have his eyes duct taped shut, and would be tied up with rope.

“We are extremely proud of the tireless effort that our investigators put into these cases,” Anderson said. “And without their knowledge, dedication, hard work, and constant effort things like this may never be stopped by the alleged suspects.”

UPDATE: According to the court’s affidavit, the child was beaten so severely that he had multiple broken bones in different stages of healing, but the swelling was so bad that x-rays missed several more broken bones that were revealed later. The child had been tied up, duct taped over the eyes and had been locked in a room. The child had also been hit on the hand with a hammer.

You can read the court documents here.

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