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Thursday, August 10, 2017, 6:23 PM

Heather Barbee

WARNING: Graphic language and content.

Heather Suzanne Barbee, 33, of Muskogee was bound over for trial today in a lengthy preliminary hearing before Judge Robin Adair in Muskogee County District Court. Barbee is accused of prostituting out her underage sister and a friend to a Muskogee man with the goal of extorting money from him, and again of receiving money from another man in exchange for him having sex with her underage sister.

Glenn Douglas Smith
During the hearing, Glenn Douglas Smith, 59, who is a co-defendant in the case, agreed to testify for the prosecution in exchange for a 30-year sentence, with 10 years suspended, for his part in the crime. Smith was previously convicted of lewd molestation in 1988 in Tulsa County and served a three-year prison sentence with two years probation, which he completed in 1994.

Smith and the underage sister both testified that he served as sort of a father figure for the girl, buying her things when she needed them, giving her rides to school and attempting to have a romantic relationship with Barbee at the same time. During one trip with the girl and her friend, Smith testified that the girls, who were around 12 years old at the time, were talking amongst themselves about giving “blowjobs” to boys at church. He said he put a stop to that talk, but later in the day, when the sister asked him for $25 to take to the pool hall, Smith, intoxicated and angry, texted back that she should charge the boys at church $25 for blowjobs if she wanted the money.

The next morning, he testified, Barbee texted him and said “we need to talk.” When he arrived at Barbee’s apartment in the Country Club apartments, he said she threatened to show the texts to police if he didn’t give her $500. He paid the money and asked Barbee and the sister to not contact him anymore.

Around a year later, he testified, he was drunk one afternoon and the girl showed up to his house with a friend he’d never met before. Both girls, around 14 at the time, told him they were hungry, he testified, so he told them they could get food out of his kitchen and then leave. Barbee testified that he fell asleep, and when he woke up, the two teenagers were wearing nothing but sheer lingerie, dancing in front of him in his living room. The girls, he said, wanted to know if he wanted to have sex with them, but he said he was too drunk, at which point they offered to receive oral sex from him. The sister later testified that the offers were made in exchange for $100, but Smith didn’t recall that in his testimony.

Smith performed oral sex on both girls, he testified, and while he was occupied with one girl, the sister testified that the other girl would go across the room and open up blinds on a window so that Barbee and her brother could videotape the whole affair, with the idea of blackmailing Smith again. Smith testified that he was too drunk to remember many details, but that he noticed the blinds being opened and tried to close them. The sister testified that the blinds were opened and closed a minimum of three times. Smith testified that he then passed out from the alcohol and awoke to the sister saying “Heather is here, pull your pants up!” He did not recall his pants being down, but he pulled them up, he testified, and then Barbee was in the house, yelling at him. He said everything went black at that moment, until he woke up the next morning in a pool of his own blood with two cracked ribs and a gash in his head.

This is the view through the window through which Heather Barbee and her brother allegedly videotaped their underage sister having sex with Glenn Smith.

The sister testified that Barbee and her brother actually came into the house, Smith punched Barbee after an argument, and the brother got Smith into a headlock, while the two teens kicked and hit him in the head and abdomen. The entire situation, the sister testified, was planned in advance at Barbee’s house, with her offering to pay the girls $100 each for participating in the scam.

The next day, the brother texted Smith, he testified, demanding a thousand dollars or the family would turn the video over to police. Smith said he didn’t have that much, so they agreed on a check for $500, which was written to Barbee, and that she later cashed. The sister testified that Barbee gave her $200, with instructions to make sure the other girl got her share.

A couple of years later, the sister testified, she had just returned to Muskogee from a nine-month stay with a significant other in Indiana, and was living with Barbee. Barbee came home from her job at Denny’s one night, she testified, with another man the sister had never seen before. Barbee, she testified, simply said, “we’re behind on rent,” and then led the sister, 16 at the time, to a bedroom at the back of the house, where the man undressed her and had sex with her while Barbee stood on a porch just outside the bedroom, separated only by a screen door. When the sex was done, she said, the man went out to the porch and gave Barbee money.

Defense attorney Dan Medlock moved that the cases be dismissed because of statute of limitations, but Assistant District Attorney Nalani Ching moved that the charges be modified from child sexual abuse to enabling child sexual abuse, and Adair agreed. An extortion charge against Barbee was dismissed because the statute of limitations had passed. Adair also revoked two suspended sentences for Barbee from prior convictions for second-degree burglary and child endangerment by driving under the influence. Barbee is remanded to the care of the Department of Corrections until her trial.

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