Maxine Tate, 53

Born December 20, 1966

Died May 26, 2020

Kevin Lee Guy, 57

Born November 1, 1962

Died May 26, 2020

Howard S. Jayne, 75

Born July 9, 1944

Died May 24, 2020

Frank Steven Carvajal, 73

Born June 14, 1946

Died May 23, 2020

Floretta L. Leatherman, 80

Born August 31, 1939

Died May 23, 2020

Lisa Kay Mullen, 56

Born June 26, 1963

Died May 22, 2020

Kathryn Joyce Cookson, 82

Born December 24, 1937

Died May 22, 2020

Thomas S. Meeker, 81

Born February 24, 1939

Died May 21, 2020

Terry Lee Shipman, 65

Born June 2, 1954

Died May 19, 2020

Shirley Ann Jackson, 79

Born July 19, 1940

Died May 18, 2020


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Friday, May 24, 2019, 6:49 AM

Meka Anita-Lorraine Daniels, 32, is charged in Muskogee County District Court with a felony charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon after an altercation outside a Veterans Affairs psychiatric ward, according to an affidavit filed with the case.

Officers Sgt. James Amos and Sgt. Jeniece Abernathy were called to the facility with complaints that a woman was trying to enter the locked facility. The officers told the woman to step away from the door. She allegedly produced a “large kitchen knife” and held it against her own throat.

Daniels allegedly refused to drop the knife, so Abernathy pulled pepper spray out, and Daniels allegedly ran. Sgt. Amos tackled her and reported that Daniels was repeatedly stabbing him in the back, but his external ballistic carrier prevented the knife from entering him. Abernathy grabbed Daniels’ arm and the knife cut her face just under her right eye. The two finally subdued the woman and arrested her.