Jewell Anne Scrivner, 58

Born September 12, 1962

Died February 24, 2021

Harry Tim Tudor, 67

Born June 15, 1953

Died February 23, 2021

Toni Lea Guinn, 50

Born January 30, 1971

Died February 22, 2021

Patricia Joan Stewart, 61

Born January 9, 1960

Died February 21, 2021

Harriet Maxine Newlon, 97

Born September 11, 1923

Died February 21, 2021


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Friday, January 29, 2021, 10:45 AM

Dr. Jarod Mendenhall, Muskogee Schools' superintendent, talks on an Instagram video.

Students nationwide are falling behind due to the COVID pandemic, according to data quoted by Dr. Jarod Mendenhall, Muskogee Public Schools superintendent, on an Instagram video released yesterday. As a result, Muskogee will offer summer school to all students to catch up.

That should have been the lede of the story. But the data Mendenhall cited singled out black students as falling behind, leaving out all other minorities’ statistics and white statistics, and Instagram readers were offended.

Statistics quoted by Mendenhall singled out blacks.

One student wrote a concerned email to the superintendent:

“Why you put black students on their own is absolutely disgusting to me. What does race have to do with their learning?”

Others expressed their outrage on Instagram:

“it makes little sense why he would single out the black community,” one wrote. “why would he not also include Asian, Hispanic and Native America communities? ... it would probably be in your best interest to take the video down.”


“As an administrator ... this act of carelessness is disgusting. please remove this video.”


“Why would he single out the black community?”


“Maybe you need to enroll in that summer schooling to get some more education.”

Steve Braun, spokesman for the schools, said “Dr. Mendenhall is planning on putting out another video today addressing that.”