Deborah "Debbie" Hix, 67

Born November 27, 1951

Died June 18, 2019

Rodger Lynn Futhey, 73

Born June 9, 1946

Died June 18, 2019

Dennis Wayne Baldwin, 60

Born February 2, 1959

Died June 17, 2019

Lyle K. Jackson, 65

Born July 6, 1953

Died June 17, 2019

Scott Wayne Gauntt, 57

Born October 23, 1961

Died June 17, 2019


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Monday, May 20, 2019, 9:37 AM

Warning: This story contains terms considered to be offensive.

A group called Transparency for Oklahomans has sued the City of Wagoner over the police department’s alleged refusal to release public documents regarding a wide range of subjects, including its failure to arrest one of its officers who was allegedly caught driving drunk.

The group is looking for call logs, Facebook browsing and posting history, email server searches, dash cam video, anti-racial profiling policy, emails between the Wagoner County District Attorney and officer Travis Ponds, the city’s arrest policy, the city’s policy on arresting intoxicated drivers and more.

The group also seeks records relating to arrests of minorities and a search of city servers for the terms “queer, faggot, nigger, homo, spic, wetback, beaner, Donald Trump, build that wall, Betty Shelby, SQ 788, illegal immigrant, HIV, AIDS, transgender and Jesus.”

The group also seeks an accounting of all money seized by the police department.

The police department has not responded to requests for comment.