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Born September 3, 1962

Died June 21, 2019

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 11:00 AM

A November 2017 drunk driving wreck in Wagoner never got reported anywhere because the driver, Travis Potts, is a police officer in the town.

According to an incident report filed that day, “Travis Potts was intoxicated” while he was driving a pickup truck and failed to negotiate a turn, crashing the truck with a woman and two “small kids” as passengers.

Two Wagoner Police deputy chiefs arrived at the scene and began what several concerned citizens have complained was a coverup. All three passengers told police Potts was driving the truck. Potts was transported to the police department by Deputy Chief Ponds, but was never arrested, nor was he charged for the crime.

Requests for comment from the police department were met with “You are welcome to request any open records you want. No one here is available to answer your questions.”

The non-arrest was not Potts’ first run-in with alcohol and trouble, according to other documents obtained by In 2011, Potts was reported to his military superiors for drinking underage and driving while drunk, according to a report obtained from when he was a lance corporal. His pay was docked and he was suspended in that incident.

Requests for documents related to his non-arrest while driving drunk with three passengers were met with a letter from the city of Wagoner stating “The records either do not exist or are confidential pursuant to OS 24A.7.”

The statute cited in that letter says public records can be kept confidential if they relate to “personnel investigations”, however drunk driving is a public crime, and every other person caught driving drunk — especially after they’ve had a wreck — ends up being arrested and booked for the crime.

Wagoner Police offer no explanations for why the crime was not made public and why Potts was never arrested for it.