Paul Edward Turley Sr, 80

Born April 24, 1938

Died September 19, 2018

Clentis Daniel Jarrard, 79

Born August 13, 1939

Died September 19, 2018

David P. Peters, 86

Born January 28, 1932

Died September 18, 2018


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Monday, November 13, 2017, 4:22 PM

The bodies of two Muskogee men were found south of town yesterday, according to Muskogee County Sheriff Rob Frazier. One of the men had been missing since September, the other was a popular retired veterinarian. Both died by apparent suicide.

The veterinarian, whose name we are withholding because his actual death happened in private, was 85 years old and was found by his son, according to Frazier. The son apparently noticed that one of his father’s dogs had been shot, so he called the Sheriff’s Office, who responded and found another dog inside the house shot and a horse in a pen outside shot, and finally found the victim, dead of an apparent gun wound.

The missing man, whose name we are releasing because he was found in public and he had been missing since September, was Seth Killsnight, who hunters found hanged in a tree near York and Hancock Streets.

Disclaimer: Our policy is to not report suicides that have been done in private unless the victim is a public figure or other crimes were involved.