Marguerite Dorothy Hayward, 81

Born January 30, 1940

Died January 17, 2022

Orville Grant Griffith, 65

Born August 12, 1956

Died January 15, 2022

Malcolm Don 'Sonny' Satterfield , 88

Born May 2, 1933

Died January 15, 2022

Mable Marie Taylor, 88

Born October 25, 1933

Died January 15, 2022

Barbara June Shackelford-Beaver-Whiteaker, 65

Born January 16, 1956

Died January 14, 2022

Albert G. Gresham, 84

Born September 26, 1937

Died January 14, 2022


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Thursday, January 6, 2022, 7:30 AM

The King James Bible

Sen. George Burns — not to be confused with the actor who played God in the movie “Oh, God” — has introduced legislation for schools offering elective courses on Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament to utilize the source that influenced the work of America’s Founding Fathers—the King James Bible. He’s filed Senate Bill 1161 to ensure that version is used for the courses and is available in school libraries.

“Our Founding Fathers relied heavily upon the scriptures in the formation of our country, and the Bible they used was the King James Bible, which makes it an important historical document,” said Burns, R-Pollard.

Current state law already allows schools to teach elective courses on the Bible, teaching students the influence of Scripture on law, history, government, values, culture and the arts. Under Burns’ legislation, the King James Bible would be designated as the primary text for those courses. SB 1161 also directs other texts for the courses may be a parallel translation Bible or multi-translation Bible that uses more than one translation for side-by-side comparison chosen by the school district. Preference would be given to those translations that exist in the public domain. Any additional resources used would be subject to all applicable copyright laws.

While existing law requires teachers for such courses to be certified in social studies or literature, SB 1161 would allow school districts to choose an ordained or licensed member of the clergy to teach the courses, as long as they teach as a non-compensated volunteer.

For more information, contact Burns at 405-521-5614 or email