Jewell Anne Scrivner, 58

Born September 12, 1962

Died February 24, 2021

Harry Tim Tudor, 67

Born June 15, 1953

Died February 23, 2021

Toni Lea Guinn, 50

Born January 30, 1971

Died February 22, 2021

Patricia Joan Stewart, 61

Born January 9, 1960

Died February 21, 2021

Harriet Maxine Newlon, 97

Born September 11, 1923

Died February 21, 2021


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Monday, February 8, 2021, 8:17 PM

Muskogee students don’t have to go to school on Tuesday due to inclement weather that has made roads slick.

Teachers, however, may have to take sick days to stay home.

“They should contact their Principal if they have any questions as they would be able to clarify any of those questions,” district spokesman Steve Braun said just now when asked to clarify messages to teachers that told them they must take “the appropriate day” if they wish to stay home and teach virtually. Asked to clarify again, he said “Teachers should contact their Principal if they have any concerns or questions regarding tomorrow.”

Teachers, however, said that means they have to take either sick or one of their two or three personal days, even though school is not in session.

“They expect us to be there or take a personal day,” one teacher said. “I don’t understand making us report when we can teach virtually. How can they expect teachers to drive from out of town and with small children under those conditions?”

UPDATE, 10:26 P.M.: A school worker, whose identity has been verified, but who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from the district, said this:

I work for Muskogee Public Schools as a Secretary. We are considered support staff, we also would have to drive on those same roads that teachers would be travelling on to “report” to their building. If “technically” teachers can work virtually, “support staff” can not as we would not get paid as we are hourly.

It’s ridiculous and if busses wouldn’t run due to inclement weather, then staff whether a teacher, administrators, janitor, secretaries, child nutrition, and so on, shouldn’t be required to report either.

My safety comes first!