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Thursday, June 6, 2019, 9:07 AM

Brian Fortney

Brian R. Fortney, 64, of Muskogee has been accused by multiple witnesses of threatening to kill any police officers who come to arrest him, and of saying he would blow up the house of a 13-year-old girl who accused him of sexually assaulting her.

Fortney has taught at Hilldale, and at Muskogee High School and most recently taught geography to young teens at Alice Robertson. He abruptly left that position in February after the girl accused him.

The girl said she was at a friend’s house when Fortney appeared. She said he approached her and said, “I know it’s not’s Christmas, but we are standing under a mistletoe.”

Fortney then, the girl said, grabbed her face and tried to kiss her. She moved her face down and the kiss landed on her forehead. She said he then showed her his house and told her he was looking for “a nice girl to settle down with.”

In a second incident, at a parent-teacher conference, the girl’s mother said Fortney came directly up to the girl, didn’t introduce himself to the mother, and said “I know they’re not providing snacks down here, but you can come to my room.”

Both incidents were reported to the school. The school is currently working on a statement about the situation. When they release it, we will publish it here.

This week, a co-worker of Fortney at his new job at Lowe’s reported that he was loudly threatening to blow up the girl’s house and kill her family. The witness said he also claimed to have a lump in his groin that “may be cancer,” and if it was, he “has a list of people he is taking out before he dies.” The witness also said Fortney claimed to have killed a child in the Army and strangled someone with his bare hands. He then allegedly told the witness he could also shoot the girl “from a distance” and “make the bodies disappear.”

Later, more than one witness reported hearing Fortney threaten the police if they came to arrest him. Specifically, he is alleged to have shouted, “they better send twelve, because I’ll kill six with my bare hands! I used to teach combatives, and I can do it!”

Efforts to reach Fortney for comment have been unsuccessful. The girl’s family have filed a protective order against him.

UPDATE: Fortney says he is the victim of a woman who is mad because he jilted her romantic advances. He told that the initial accusation with the teenager wasn’t true, and said the woman who reported him for allegedly saying he would burn down the house was just mad at him because he would not accept her romantically.

Meanwhile, the Muskogee Public Schools also responded. Here is the text of their response:

When the District received a report regarding this matter, it immediately notified the proper authorities. It then immediately conducted a thorough investigation of the matter and took appropriate action based on the results of the investigation. Mr. Fortney submitted his resignation in February and was accepted by the board. Because this is a confidential personnel matter the District cannot comment further.