Deborah "Debbie" Hix, 67

Born November 27, 1951

Died June 18, 2019

Rodger Lynn Futhey, 73

Born June 9, 1946

Died June 18, 2019

Dennis Wayne Baldwin, 60

Born February 2, 1959

Died June 17, 2019

Lyle K. Jackson, 65

Born July 6, 1953

Died June 17, 2019

Scott Wayne Gauntt, 57

Born October 23, 1961

Died June 17, 2019


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Friday, June 21

Day of Action 2019
Jake Tankersley
Boone Mendenhall & Jake Marlin
FitHappens Book Club - Girl Stop Apologizing
Love Hatbox Post Season Tournament June 17-21 2019
In The Wild 2019 VBS
Noelle's Painting parties and Worshops

Muskogee Police activity for Monday, June 10, 2019

CASE 2019-19111: Abuse, neglect, exploitation of a child, 6-8-19 2000-2005, children are being exposed to indecent acts by the suspect.

CASE 2019-19211: Assault and battery: domestic, 6-9-19 2153, 650 Park Dr, Weston, Ola and Jacobson, Charles, the victim/s and suspect/s assaulted each other in the presence of minor children.

CASE 2019-19243: Threats: to perform violent act, 6-10-19 0700-0750, 501 N Main St, Parker, Darwin Eugene, an unknown suspect threatened to do bodily harm the victim.

CASE 2019-19254: Burglary II: business, 6-7/10-19 1200-1210, 2022 W Shawnee St, Golden Rule Industries, RP stated unknown suspect broke into register and took money.

CASE 2019-19290: Burglary III: auto, 6-8/10-19 0800-1700, 208 S Edmond St, Haneberg, Josephine,

CASE : Unknown suspect/s entered vehicle and removed property.

CASE 2019-19300: Fraud: forgery, 1-1-2010 0800-1700, 213 N 17th St, Bohannan, Dylon, victim reported unknown suspect/s had used his personal information to open an account.

CASE 2019-19302: Missing Person: adult, 1-26-19 to 6-10-19, 712 N K St, Sexton, Tasha Marie,

CASE : RP stated she has not seen nor heard from the MP since January 2019.

CASE 2019-19306: Domestic Abuse Assault: physical, 6-10-19 1653, 3603 Canterbury Ave, Wilkie, Gladys Sikes, victim was assaulted by the suspect.

CASE 2019-19315: Assault and battery W/deadly weapon: 6-10-19 1747-1842, 2411 Elgin Ave, Fort, Rebecca and Fort, Kristina L, witness stated suspect stated she had a loaded firearm and would use it on the victims.

CASE 2019-19327: Burglary II: residence, 6-8-19 1600-1630, 702 Market St, Holland, Kimberly Y,

CASE : Unknown suspect/s gained entry into residence and removed property.

CASE 2019-19335: Shooting with intent: to kill, 6-10-19 2158-2310, 1202 Georgetown St, Brooks, Lavette M, Brooks, Woody Joe Brooks, Alexis and Kendall Brooks, Brian Kendrick,and Raundel Cooper, victims stated suspect/s fired a gun at their residence.

CASE 2019-19335: Intimidation of State’s witness: same as above.

CASE 201919335: Conspiracy: same as above.

CASE 2019-19337: Domestic Abuse Assault: in the presence of minor child, 6-10-19 2230, 2307 Delaware St, Mounger, Christopher (Mounger, Aliana), victim was assaulted by the suspect in the presence of a minor child.

CASE 2019-19360: Assault and Battery: with dangerous weapon, 6-11-19 0305, 540 S 32nd St, Jinwala, Bhagirath and Ford, Heather, the victims were assaulted by the suspect.

CASE 2019-19360: Burglary II: same as above.

CASE 2019-19360: Malicious injury: destruction of property, same as above.

CASE 2019-19360: Immediate Notice of accident, same as above.

CASE 2019-19360: Kidnapping, same as above.

CASE 2019-19360: Eluding police officers: endangering others, same as above.

CASE 2019-19360: Running road block, same as above

CASE 2019-19360: Resisting Arrest, same as above.

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