Pauline "Polly" Davis , 84

Born June 19, 1935

Died December 8, 2019

Marilyn J. Stout, 87

Born August 16, 1932

Died December 8, 2019

Francis Dwayne Haas, 80

Born July 10, 1939

Died December 7, 2019

Beverly Ann Johnson, 84

Born July 26, 1935

Died December 7, 2019


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Friday, November 15, 2019, 1:56 PM

Taveion Baucom, left, with his father, Coach Tony Baucom

The parents of a nine-year-old student at Pershing Elementary are saying their son received a concussion and a fractured spine during a bullying incident at the school, where he was slammed into a brick wall.

Kimberly Baucom said first-year principal Meleah Hoskins called her around 2:35 on Wednesday and told her her son had been assaulted by another child in class, but that he was OK.

Baucom said her son, Taveion, called her shortly thereafter and said he felt like his head was going to explode, and it hurt to walk. He was later diagnosed with a concussion and a fracture of his L-5 vertebra, according to Baucom.

“I came to get him at school, and after I was waiting in line for 15 minutes, I got out of the car to talk to Miss Hoskins,” Baucom said. “I told her I needed to get my son and get him medical treatment and she told me I needed to get back in my car and wait like all the other parents. But all the other parents didn’t have kids who were injured.”

Baucom says Hoskins later accused her of threatening her physically, but denies she did.

“I just wanted to get my son,” she said.

She said Dr. Kim Dyce, assistant superintendent of schools, later yelled at her over the phone and told her to shut her mouth about the situation.

“I asked for a video,” Coach Tony Baucom, Taveion’s father, said. “They said there were no security cameras.”

Kimberly Baucom said the schools have now banned her and she can’t even pick up her children from the schools because of it. Although she said the schools are “pressing charges” against her, the district attorney said that while he is aware of the case, he has not received a report from the police department.

“They denied my son medical attention,” she said. “And now they’re trying to press charges against me for it.”

Tony Baucom said he is going to have to quit a coaching gig at Connors State College so he can pick his children up from school, since his wife is now banned.

“I just want answers,” he said. “And they’re not giving any. They just want us to disappear and quit asking about it.”

Steve Braun, spokesman for the schools, said there isn’t much they can say.

“The administration is fully aware of the incident you are referencing at Pershing Elementary,” he said. “Our principal and district have maintained constant communication with the parents throughout the situation.”

The Baucoms both said that isn’t true; that the district has not maintained communication with them.

“To protect the privacy of underage students, we are not at liberty to speak about student discipline, injuries or student records,” Braun continued, then said he also could not comment specifically about whether Baucom had been banned or if the district was seeking charges against her. “While it is rather unusual for us to ban an individual from a school site, there are times it is necessary due to safety, security or interference in the educational process. We will not confirm or deny whether we have banned a parent. However, we will continue to investigate this incident and turn it over to the district attorney if necessary.”

Taveion is scheduled to have surgery to repair his spine.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Connors State College said Tony Baucom is not a coach and has never coached at Connors.