Libel policy

Libel is an untruth about someone in print (many people confuse it with slander, which is spoken).


Our site is about the truth, and it's about allowing everyone to have their say if they want to, which is why our comments section is, for the most part, wide open to whatever you want to say.


The exception to that wide-openness is when your comments are potentially libelous, meaning they contain untruths* about someone. In such cases, we will deliver a warning to the person making the comment (when possible), and we will edit the potentially libelous statements out of the comment as quickly as possible.


If someone is warned about potentially libelous comments and they persist in posting such comments, they will be banned from commenting in the future.


If you notice a potentially libelous statement, please email us at the address in the menu or call the phone number there.

*Untruth here refers to anything we view as potentially untrue or unsubstantiated or unattributed, and which could result in harm to the person the statement is made about.

Other legal information

Our site is protected by copyright. Unauthorized duplication without attribution is forbidden.


That said, we're pretty happy if you want to copy our stuff. As long as you tell people where you got it, we're not going to complain.


The information on this site is offered as-is, and we offer no warranties of any kind. By using our site, you agree that any actions you take based on the information here is at your own risk. If you cannot agree to that, you are forbidden from using our site. In no event will this site or Left Right Communications or its directors, officers, employees, members or third-party producers be liable for indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages arising out of the use or inability to use this site's services. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to this legal policy.

Privacy policy

We do not collect any data about you whatsoever, except in the following instance: You decide to comment on a story. In that instance, your email address and IP address are sent to our servers, and once your first comment is approved, your email address is saved to a list of "approved" commenters, allowing you to comment on any subsequent stories without requiring approval again. No other information about you is saved, and your email address is never used in any other way. If you somehow become banned from commenting, your IP address is saved in a "banned" file along with your email address.

What we do NOT collect

Unlike some advertising-supported sites, we do not collect personal information about you, what you look at, where you came from or where you're going when you leave our site. We do not share any data about you with our advertisers except for the raw number of visitors our site gets and the raw number of visitors specific pages (such as Obits and Court Report) get. Our advertisers and linked or partnered sites have absolutely no access to information about you, your surfing habits or personal information, and they never will. We believe your privacy is not just a Fourth Amendment right, it's a fundamental part of protecting your freedom, and as such, we respect it as if it was our own. Unless you are a commenter, we have no idea who you are; we're just glad you're here, and we take your trust seriously.


Our site stores a cookie on your browser when you comment, indicating that you are an approved commenter. The cookie is not used for any other purpose.