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This is a news site designed with a simple purpose in mind: We want to give you the news in the quickest, easiest format possible. Our aim is to deliver news that's happening in a format so simple that you can easily get a handle on everything going on around you in five minutes or less.


To that end, we have dispensed with a lot of the clutter you'll see on a typical news site, and instead focused on just the stories. This is by design. We don't have a lot of links for you to wade through or a lot of steps you have to take before you can get the news. Our site is here to get you up to speed quickly.


One side-effect of that method of delivering news is that our stories cover 'just the facts,' and nothing more. Our focus is on getting the news to you now, not tomorrow, as traditional newspapers have always done. If you want to read about a single story for 20 minutes and you don't mind waiting until tomorrow, newspapers are perfect for that, and we don't mind you reading them. But if you want to read what's going on right now, you're at the right place.


We cover news as it happens, and that means sometimes what is known about a story changes after we have initially reported it. We will note that, and unlike many other news sources, we won't hide the fact that we had to change it as more information became available. The nature of developing news is that we learn facts and report them to you. As those facts are modified or change, we will note it in our stories.


We think this is the future of news, and our rapidly expanding readership seems to agree. Thank you for taking the ride with us!


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Our readership has grown by incredible amounts over the life of this site, and continues to grow. Thank you for being one! We do everything to make getting the news easier for you; we believe it's our calling; the press is the only industry specifically mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, and we take that responsibility seriously.


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Victim names


We do not report names of victims of crimes if:

Why is the story column so narrow?


There have been a lot of studies that show human eyes don't like to read long lines of horizontal text. So while most browsers provide plenty of room for our stories to fill horizontally, we want this site to be as easy as possible on your eyes, so we keep the story column narrow enough for your eyes to easily track which line it's on.

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