Jerry Patterson, 77

Born December 27, 1942

Died February 17, 2020

Larry Jackson Cooper, 78

Born March 14, 1941

Died January 21, 2020

Charles Berry Smither, 82

Born January 30, 1937

Died January 20, 2020

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Born August 4, 1964

Died January 20, 2020

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Born October 17, 1932

Died January 20, 2020


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Friday, January 24

Bull Riders Inc. National Finals

Thursday, May 2, 2019, 11:38 AM

The charges against me had their final hearing today in McIntosh County Court, and I am writing this story to head off the local newspaper at the pass, since they seem to enjoy publishing false information and outright lies about me and this case.

Today I pleaded no contest to the charges against me in exchange for a deferred judgment of three years. That means the judge has chosen to not rule on the case until after three years have passed. After three years, my case will be dismissed and later expunged.

My no-contest plea was entered specifically because I didn’t want to drag my two sons, 7 and 5 through a trial — a trial my attorney and I were confident we could win. After a long and contentious custody battle, I have my boys almost half the time, and I didn’t want them to suffer through a trial.

“Some things are more important than winning trials,” my attorney, Steve Money, said today, “such as continuing to enjoy a loving relationship between Mr. Wright and his children. I have absolutely no doubt we would have been successful at trial.”

“Mr. Wright is not convicted of anything,” he continued. “This case will be expunged.”

During the process of entering my plea, I specifically did not admit guilt in any way. In fact, I told my attorney that, as much as I didn’t want to go to trial for the sake of my babies, I steadfastly refused to participate in any plea that included admitting any guilt in the charges against me. I would much rather go to trial than admit something I didn’t do.

To recap: I have not been found guilty of any crimes, nor have I been convicted of any crimes. The court documents specifically say judgment has been deferred in the case. My only concern was sparing my two young boys the trauma of their daddy going on trial for crimes he did not commit.

So what happened? I was attacked and strangled by what amounted to a full-grown man, taller than me and strong enough to wrestle an engine into a pickup by himself. After I was able to break free of the stranglehold, I called 911 and reported that he had tried to kill me. Nine minutes later, the other adult involved in the case called 911 and told them a completely different story. Without anyone asking me what happened - I still have not been asked for an official statement of what happened, I was arrested and charged, even though I had a concussion that was diagnosed by two doctors, I was bleeding profusely from my head, and the alleged “victim” had no marks except for the one I made trying desperately to get his arm off my throat before I suffocated.

The evidence is all very clear: I was attacked, pummeled, strangled and then arrested because of a story that took nine minutes to concoct after I asked police to arrest him for trying to kill me.