Alice Patricia Shelton, 76

Born September 12, 1944

Died October 18, 2020

Diana Lynn Sparks, 64

Born November 18, 1955

Died October 16, 2020

Travis William Carter, 33

Born November 17, 1986

Died October 14, 2020

Karen Kaye Newell, 60

Born July 15, 1960

Died October 13, 2020

Chenina Rae Miller, 51

Born September 12, 1969

Died October 13, 2020

Velma L. James, 80

Born April 23, 1940

Died October 13, 2020


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Monday, October 12, 2020, 12:31 PM

Wahya Y Wolfpaw, blue shirt, traveled all the way from Massachusetts to be here to lend her  passion about correcting the white-washing of Native history.

With the largest concentration of Native Americans in the country, eastern Oklahoma is celebrating the heritage of the Natives who populated America before the arrival of Europeans.

At the Muskogee Civic Center, Natives and Europeans alike have gathered to commemorate the holiday, which used to celebrate Columbus, the explorer who stumbled upon the American continent in a futile search for a quicker route to India.

“After the genocides, sterilization and COVID-19, we are here celebrating our survival and honoring our veterans, dignitaries that help govern, and our community that are here supporting the Muskogee Oklahoma Native American Association,” Brandyann Brior, treasurer of the Muskogee Oklahoma Native American Association, said.