W. Bruce Madding, 60

Born September 7, 1961

Died December 2, 2021

Bertie Faye "Nana" Metzger, 85

Born April 1, 1936

Died December 2, 2021

Larry D. Cragg, 69

Born February 17, 1952

Died December 1, 2021

Bill D. Chanslor, 88

Born June 3, 1933

Died December 1, 2021

Jimmy Lee Bryson, 83

Born July 28, 1938

Died November 30, 2021


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Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 8:07 AM

Patrick Dearman was driving on a local highway when someone cut in front of him and forced him into a ditch in the process, according to family and friends. Dearman, they said, honked and sped up to tailgate the vehicle of the person who did it.

The man driving the vehicle pulled off the road, and when Dearman passed him, pulled in behind him and followed him.

Dearman pulled into his apartment complex and the man rear-ended him, family said, and got out of his vehicle and started punching Dearman’s window. Dearman got out of his vehicle and the man knocked him out, family members say. After he was unconscious, the man jumped on top of him and continued beating him until someone else pulled him off.

Dearman was taken by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, where he was treated for a broken cheekbone, a fractured jaw, two cuts, multiple bruises and scrapes and a brain bleed.

Police have not yet responded to questions about the case.


Christopher P. Brown

Police have said Christopher P. Brown, 57, was arrested at the scene and taken into custody on a charge of aggravated assault and battery.