Jimmie Dale Barnes, 72

Born January 15, 1948

Died July 8, 2020

S. T. Gist, 84

Born August 11, 1935

Died July 8, 2020

William Thomas Duncan, 78

Born June 5, 1942

Died July 7, 2020

Harold Gene McBride, 68

Born August 11, 1951

Died July 7, 2020

Donald Lou Tillman, 80

Born June 23, 1940

Died July 6, 2020

Rene V. "STONEY" Schoats, 75

Born November 21, 1944

Died July 5, 2020

Nona Louise Chastain, 77

Born August 12, 1942

Died July 5, 2020

Lanette Elaine Wofford, 63

Born August 7, 1956

Died July 5, 2020

Vicoria Lynn "Vicki" Killingsworth, 60

Born September 13, 1959

Died July 4, 2020

William Glass, 71

Born November 15, 1948

Died July 4, 2020


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Tuesday, April 14, 2020, 7:13 AM

Joshua Upton

Joshua Don Upton, 42, of Muskogee is charged in Muskogee County District Court with three felonies and five misdemeanors after an event that happened on April 8, according to records filed with the case.

According to police, Upton is accused of the following:

  • pointing a .45-caliber pistol at his juvenile daughters, wife and sister
  • firing six rounds from the pistol as the family was trying to flee him
  • choking his sister until she passed out
  • pushing and wrestling to the ground his wife and one of his children, who were trying to get him to stop assaulting his sister
  • being intoxicated in public and trespassing on a neighbor’s property
  • entering the garage of a neighbor while brandishing the pistol
  • returning to that property after being told to leave and never return
  • calling his adult daughter (who had the call on speakerphone in the presence of a police officer) and telling her “the next time I see your face, that will be the end of you.”
  • returning to the neighbor’s property again, where police say they observed him trying to conceal himself in dark areas of the yard and approaching the back porch
  • obstructing the investigation wy causing a disturbance while police were speaking with the victims

He is charged with felony domestic assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon and feloniously pointing a firearm. In addition, he is charged with misdemeanor domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor, threatening to perform an act of violence, obstructing an officer, public intoxication and trespassing after being forbidden.