Fay Ann Richardson, 90

Born December 23, 1930

Died January 17, 2021

Jasper David "Chuck" Jordan, 92

Born May 28, 1928

Died January 17, 2021

Richard "Dick" P. Sheffield, 85

Born April 24, 1935

Died January 17, 2021

Anthony Ward, 78

Born December 6, 1942

Died January 16, 2021

Angelique R. McPherren, 48

Born May 5, 1972

Died January 16, 2021


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Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 1:05 PM

Nicholas Moore

Nicholas Moore, 38, of Muskogee, a local landlord, has been charged with felony stalking in violation of a court order in Muskogee County District Court.

Moore has had numerous protective orders and misdemeanor cases filed on him for allegedly violating protective orders in the past. In this most recent case, he is accused of calling the victim, who has a valid protective order on him, beating on her door, ripping down a security camera and throwing it through her bedroom window, breaking glass on the window, and throwing a planter through a pickup truck’s window.

The victim provided police with surveillance footage of Moore allegedly taking down the security camera.

In the past, the victim alleges, he planted a tracking device on her vehicle, and her children discovered his notes detailing her movements. Moore, who owns several rental properties in Muskogee, already had a warrant out before this most recent incident.

The victim alleges that Moore is living with his mother and using her car to enable his stalking of her.

“He has also slashed my sister’s tires, stolen my work ID so I couldn’t work, smashed my work laptop, took off the locks off every door in my house so I couldn’t lock my house with my kids in it,” she said. “He has vandalized one of our other properties and harassed the realtor. He threw bricks through the window of our renter’s car.”

Muskogee County issued another warrant for Moore on Jan. 11.