Vera Dean Bowline, 74

Born November 27, 1945

Died November 24, 2020

James "Allen" Sallee, 72

Born May 8, 1948

Died November 24, 2020

Dan Eugene Miller, 84

Born December 7, 1935

Died November 23, 2020

Evelyn Lester, 75

Born September 7, 1945

Died November 22, 2020

Bessie Hotema , 63

Born September 7, 1957

Died November 22, 2020


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Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 10:02 AM

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, 18, of Muskogee is charged with murder in the Eastern District federal court, according to documents filed with the case. Jackson is accused of killing Bradley Dillon, 19, on Oct. 19.

Because Dillon was an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, the case is in federal court instead of state court.

Dillon and a witness only identified as DB arrived at 400 West Augusta around midnight on Oct. 19, then left to go to a casino, according to documents filed with the case. They returned around 2 a.m., the affidavit states. The tenant at the residence, identified only as VG, told investigators she observed a black male wearing a black hoodie and ski mask, walking behind Dillon and DB, carrying a black and gray firearm. Jackson had been at the residence when they first arrived and left for the casino.

The man, according to VG, removed his mask and she identified him as Jackson. According to the witness, Jackson pointed the firearm at Dillon and DB and told them to empty their pockets and give him all their cash. Neither DB nor Dillon had any cash on them, so he told them to take him to an automatic teller machine, VB stated. Instead, DB entered the vehicle and drove off, she said. After he left, Jackson shot Dillon “three or four times” outside the home. Another witness, identified only as NM, also told FBI agents that Jackson shot Dillon. DB also told agents that Jackson was the man in the mask.

The FBI were shown Facebook messages between NM and Jackson afterward between 9:08 a.m. and 9:35 a.m.:

  • Believed to be NM: U lucky I fw you. Cops had me up there all fucking morning n shit dude. Showed me pics n everything and you on there. I pointed at somebody else w dreads. N I need my phone.
  • Believed to be Jackson: Okay I got you
  • NM B careful cause I alr got mfs on my line saying I say him up. When can I get my phone
  • NMI need my phone mf. (VG) told them that we all got robbed n u took my phone (emoji) idk if (VG) snitched or not but I didn’t whole 3 hrs I was n there lucky ass mf cause Brad was my friend not the other one

Jackson was apprehended in the Western District of Oklahoma and is being transported back to Muskogee.