Betty Lou Meadows, 86

Born June 28, 1931

Died March 21, 2018

Myrtle L. Fausett, 88

Born June 22, 1929

Died March 20, 2018

Katherine Younger, 81

Born August 20, 1936

Died March 18, 2018


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Thursday, March 22

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Friday, May 19, 2017, 8:56 AM

The Tint Shop on 11th Street appears to be completely destroyed.

There are reports of two injuries from last night’s storm, but most of the damage appears to be to structures. Neither injury report has details available, but they both appear to be minor.

The Motel 6 sign on 32nd street blew over and crushed part of Thayer Upholstery’s roof.

Whispering Pines Apartments, east of Walmart near Shawnee, lost large parts of its roof, meaning numerous residents will need to find places to stay. There is currently a shelter opened by the American Red Cross at First Baptist Church on Okmulgee.

Power poles were ripped down at the Dicks shopping center.

The Three Rivers Plaza, which houses Dick’s Sporting Goods and numerous other stores, saw power poles torn down and a limousine from Papa John’s Pizza flipped over in the parking lot.

Fire broke out at the Praise Center Family Church at Seventh and Court last night as well, but no one was injured.

Debris fills the parking lot of the shopping center next to Walmart.

No buildings appear to have been completely destroyed other than The Tint Shop on 11th. Chili’s appears to be missing parts of its roof.

The storm has not yet been classified as a tornado. Radar reports showed winds of 74 miles per hour.

The majority of the damage in the county appears to be to trees.

“Large trees, some power poles are down,” reported Kenny Payne, Muskogee County Commissioner District 3. “We had seven or eight roads completely blocked by trees or debris. Probably four of those were electrical lines and stuff of that nature. Normally when daylight comes is when you start getting the calls. We have 1,200 miles of road, so we depend on the public.

“Some of the trees are big enough that we have to bring out the big stuff, like dozers, to get them off the road.”

District 1 Commissioner Ken Doke says another path of damage happened down by Elm Grove Road.

“We have trees down all over the county,” he said. “Our crews were up most of the night dealing with it.”