Kelsee Jolynn Sevier, 23

Born February 26, 1997

Died September 27, 2020

Walter (Buddy) Hale Stubbs Jr., 79

Born December 8, 1940

Died September 25, 2020

Bayard Palmer "Sud" Sudberry III, 75

Born January 28, 1945

Died September 21, 2020

Donnie Ashworth, 68

Born March 13, 1952

Died September 21, 2020

Fred L. Finley, 75

Born July 15, 1945

Died September 20, 2020


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Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 8:05 AM

Johnathan Zamudio

WARNING: This story contains language most people find offensive, and a description of a stabbing death.

Johnathan Zamudio, 33, has been charged in federal court with second-degree murder after his court-appointed attorney, Roger Hilfiger, moved to have his state case dismissed due to Zamudio’s 1/32 quantum of Indian blood.

Zamudio was initially charged in state court with first-degree murder after the Aug. 20, 2019 death of Muskogee man Keith Boswell in the Family Dollar parking lot on East Side Boulevard.

According to an FBI probable cause affidavit filed with the new case, Boswell had been letting Zamudio stay at his house, but Zamudio, who has bipolar disorder, said he heard voices saying he was a cop and a snitch. Zamudio told police he hadn’t taken his medicine for a long time and had consumed 18 or 19 beers. As Boswell accompanied Zamudio to the Family Dollar, Boswell was verbally abusing him, he said, calling him a “bitch, punk and a nigger.” Inside the store, Zamudio said, Boswell leaned in to the clerk, said something to her and they both looked at Zamudio and laughed.

Outside the store, Zamudio told police he punched Boswell in the head, after which Boswell screamed, “you are fucking dead now, nigger, you and your family.” Zamudio said he replied “that’s the last time you threaten my family,” then pulled a steak knife out of his shorts pocket. He said Boswell said, “what the fuck are you going to do with that, bitch?” Zamudio said he then stabbed Boswell as many times as he could and walked away as a woman came out of the store. He told police he stopped, turned around and said to Boswell, who had just collapsed, “who looks like the fucking bitch now, laying on the ground?”

Boswell later died from his wounds. Police picked Zamudio up in the area, at which point he allegedly waived his Miranda rights and told them what had happened.

His state case has not yet been dismissed, but a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.