Alice Patricia Shelton, 76

Born September 12, 1944

Died October 18, 2020

Diana Lynn Sparks, 64

Born November 18, 1955

Died October 16, 2020

Travis William Carter, 33

Born November 17, 1986

Died October 14, 2020

Karen Kaye Newell, 60

Born July 15, 1960

Died October 13, 2020

Chenina Rae Miller, 51

Born September 12, 1969

Died October 13, 2020

Velma L. James, 80

Born April 23, 1940

Died October 13, 2020


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Friday, October 2, 2020, 8:20 AM

Joshua Townsley

Joshua Townsley, 28, of Muskogee is charged in US District Court with Aggravated Sexual Abuse in Indian Country, and Megan Tillery, 27, of Muskogee is charged with Enabling Child Sexual Abuse, both felonies.

According to an FBI affidavit filed with the case, Townsley was caught on the morning of Aug. 5 by a roommate sleeping with his genitals exposed and the seven-year-old little girl sleeping with her head on his genitals.

Megan Tillery
The roommate told police she woke Townsley up, and he said said that Tillery, the girl and another child often slept in the bed with him in “weird positions.” Once Tillery woke up, the roommate said, Townsley would not allow her to speak with the roommate. When the roommate was able to get Tillery away, she told her what she had witnessed, the affidavit states. Tillery asked the little girl if Townsley had ever done anything inappropriate with her, the affidavit continues, and the girl reported that he “touches me with the thing that swings between his legs,” and also that he touches her with his penis when he is bathing her.

The girl also told Tillery, according to the affidavit, that Townsley touched her vagina. Tillery took the girl to Saint Francis Hospital in Muskogee, where hospital staff performed a sexual assault test and contacted police. The physical exam, according to the FBI, showed abrasion on the girl’s hymen and redness within the labia minora. When Tillery left the hospital, she took the girl and another child to Women In Safe Home in Muskogee.

On Aug. 11, investigators state, Tillery and the children left the WISH house with Townsley. Tillery allegedly told police that the girl had changed her statement and she believe Tillery had not sexually abused the girl. The roommate and Facebook told police that the four were staying with Townsley’s mother. Police searched for him at eight different addresses with no success.

On Aug. 29, police issued an arrest warrant for Tillery as well. On Sept. 1, the pair were arrested at Townsley’s mother’s house, and the children were at the residence as well.

The seven-year-old underwent another sexual assault exam, the affidavit states, and the results were consistent with sexual abuse — examiners said the girl had suffered additional sexual abuse since the Aug. 6 exam.