James E. Fullbright Jr., 77

Born March 6, 1943

Died August 6, 2020

Jodi Lynnetta Jones-Sallis, 34

Born January 19, 1986

Died August 5, 2020

Mary Lavonne Peebles, 89

Born July 26, 1931

Died August 3, 2020

Benji Ray Hotema, 42

Born March 23, 1978

Died August 3, 2020

Angela Ashwood, 69

Born February 9, 1951

Died August 1, 2020


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Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 1:05 PM

Brian Fortney

After a Muskogee County district judge dismissed his defamation of character lawsuit against, Brian Fortney, a former Hilldale and Muskogee teacher who was initially accused of sexually assaulting a little girl and then threatening to blow her house up, has created a packet of materials that he is taking around town to MuskogeeNOW’s advertisers, spreading lies.

“Leif Wright called veterans terrorists,” he lied to one advertiser. “You shouldn’t be doing business with him.”

Not only have I not called any veterans “terrorists,” my father, brother, uncle and numerous other members of my family are veterans, and it’s offensive to suggest that I would do so.

Fortney said the initial accusations against him stemmed from a woman who was upset that he rejected her romantic advances. Then, in a confusing and rambling lawsuit, he sued in October of last year, alleging defamation of character. MuskogeeNOW countersued for abuse of process and Fortney promptly dropped his lawsuit.

The entire case was dismissed yesterday, and today, Fortney started taking his packet to people who advertise on this site. If you hear from him, please text 918-869-1482.