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Monday, May 22, 2017, 9:21 AM

Disclaimer: This story is about Leif M. Wright, the owner of

Robby the R-Word launches nationally tomorrow.

Robby the R-Word, the latest novel by Leif M. Wright (me), launches nationally tomorrow, May 23. The book follows the story of Robby Turner, who has been trapped for 40 years inside a body that won’t move or communicate with the outside world. Now, however, he has received a special computer that lets him communicate for the first time, and people around him start falling victim to a mysterious attacker.

The book is important to me, because it’s dedicated to my cousin, Cydney Cox of Norman, and her toddler son, Maddox, who was murdered earlier this year. It was formerly dedicated to the late Kristi Fry of Muskogee and his youngest son, who suffers from physical ailments similar to Robby’s.

In the novel, which was written more than a year ago, Robby is severely handicapped after being traumatically beaten as a child. In real life, Maddox was killed in the same way, and, feeling helpless to do much else, I wanted to honor Maddox by changing the dedication.

The book had already gone to press when Maddox died, but I asked the people at Promontory Press, its publisher, if there was any way we could change the dedication page. The publisher didn’t even flinch. They rearranged everything so the dedication could change, even so close to the book’s release date.

The book is now available at, and will be in bookstores nationwide tomorrow.

A boxful of the books is en route to me, and as soon as they arrive, we will have a launch party and signing. Keep posted here.

Here is the press release Promontory sent out about the book:

MUSKOGEE, OK – Promontory Press is pleased to announce the publication of Robby the R-Word, a chilling new murder mystery by award-winning author Leif M. Wright. The book is scheduled for North American release on Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

Robby Turner has been completely paralyzed for forty years. He’s a vegetable in a wheelchair — at least, that’s what everyone thinks. Then he receives a special computer that allows him to communicate.

Now, brutal assaults and murders by a clumsy assailant have Detective Bain determined to catch the perp while struggling to keep her messy personal life from ruining her chance — and career. Meanwhile, Robby has been watching and hearing everything, and he’s been doing his own detective work. But can Bain trust Robby? After all, the clues are starting to point toward him.

“The plot has enough twists, turns and unearthing of unexpected connections between the characters to keep readers guessing,” says Publishers Weekly, adding that the novel “has a lot going for it.”

Leif M. Wright is the author of a previous novel, Minister of Justice (2015) and a true crime book, Deadly Vows (2014). A longtime journalist, computer programmer, professional musician, business owner and former ghost writer, he lives on a ranch near Muskogee, Oklahoma with his wife, three children and too many animals to count.

Robby the R-Word is available for order at and at fine bookstores everywhere.

For more information about Leif M. Wright, please visit: Website: Facebook: LeifMWright

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