Virgil Lee Woodworth, 71

Born June 1, 1948

Died April 8, 2020

Dr. William "Jack" Guinan, 87

Born September 2, 1932

Died April 7, 2020

James Wiley Drew, Sr., 85

Born October 30, 1934

Died April 7, 2020

Ira Lee Boss, 100

Born December 28, 1919

Died April 6, 2020

Mary Kathryn Kirby, 66

Born December 9, 1953

Died April 6, 2020

Anthony Earl Patrick, 90

Born January 8, 1930

Died April 6, 2020

Frederick Swanson, 70

Born January 1, 1950

Died April 5, 2020

Gail Doris Neale-Thompson, 64

Born March 18, 1956

Died April 4, 2020

James Robert "Jim" McPherson, 82

Born August 20, 1937

Died April 3, 2020

Herbert Smith Jr., 74

Born April 26, 1945

Died April 3, 2020


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Monday, September 23, 2019, 4:19 PM

Muskogee County shut down its juvenile detention facility today after video records showed the contractor that is running the facility was not 15-minute safety checks as it claimed and as were required by state law.

The state pays the contractor, but even though the facility is a “regional detention center” that houses juvenile inmates from across the state, Muskogee County carries 100 percent of the legal exposure for liabilities resulting from its operations.

“In order to protect Muskogee County taxpayers, the Muskogee County Juvenile Detention Center will be operated with strict adherence to state and local policy,” County Commissioner Ken Doke said just now. “Commissioners recently received notice from the Office of Juvenile Affairs regarding a few issues following a recent inspection. In response to those findings, a decision was made to temporarily suspend services at the Muskogee County facility until assurances have been made that all issues have been rectified.”

Detainees at the facility have been moved to other facilities until the commissioners and the Office of Juvenile Affairs decide to reopen it.

“One of the contractor’s employees was logging that they were conducting 15 minute safety checks,” Doke said. “However, after reviewing video footage, it was clear that those required safety checks were not actually being performed as timely as what had been logged.”