Jack W. Macomb, 81

Born August 27, 1937

Died July 16, 2019

Eugene Clifton Franklin Jr., 84

Born September 19, 1934

Died July 14, 2019

Patricia Ann Green, 76

Born November 21, 1942

Died July 12, 2019

Delbert Campbell, 66

Born May 2, 1953

Died July 12, 2019


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Thursday, July 18

Porter Peach Festival
Billy Arnett and Boone Mendenhall play
Catfish and Pinto Bean dinner

Friday, July 19

Porter Peach Festival
Main Street Martyr plays

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 2:11 PM

Stephen Gilmore

Sgt. Stephen Gilmore, 40, is charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor in connection with a complicated plot to deliver contraband to inmates inside Jess Dunn Correctional Facility in Taft.

The allegations are that he received money — several hundred dollars — in exchange for looking the other way when outside associates of inmates dropped bags off inside the prison grounds that contained contraband.

Tobacco, marijuana, methamphetamine and cell phones were among the contraband items allegedly being delivered.

A very long affidavit accompanying the case details information provided by inmates and allegedly admitted to by Gilmore himself, who maintains (and who was alleged by inmates to have also said) that he would not look the other way while narcotics were delivered.

Some of the deliveries were intercepted by other guards, who then reported they saw Gilmore deliver part of the seized materials — a letter — to the inmate who is alleged to have paid him to allow the deliveries.

Numerous inmates are alleged to have participated in the scheme as well, including leaders of an influential and feared gang.

Gilmore was alleged to have received a total of $175. He allegedly told investigators he allowed the deliveries “to keep the peace.”