Brandon Scott Jones, 31

Born June 25, 1988

Died June 1, 2020

Thomas Roy Hebb, Sr., 62

Born May 30, 1957

Died May 29, 2020

Kevin Lee Guy, 57

Born November 1, 1962

Died May 26, 2020

Maxine Tate, 53

Born December 20, 1966

Died May 26, 2020

Helen Beshlin, 89

Born June 7, 1930

Died May 24, 2020

Howard S. Jayne, 75

Born July 9, 1944

Died May 24, 2020

Frank Steven Carvajal, 73

Born June 14, 1946

Died May 23, 2020

Floretta L. Leatherman, 80

Born August 31, 1939

Died May 23, 2020

Lisa Kay Mullen, 56

Born June 26, 1963

Died May 22, 2020

Kathryn Joyce Cookson, 82

Born December 24, 1937

Died May 22, 2020


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Thursday, July 11, 2019, 8:57 PM

Casey Duren

Inmate Casey Duren, 34, of Muskogee was in charge of the Muskogee County Jail for a day yesterday, according to jail employees.

The inmate nearly caused a riot, they said, and flooded the jail after forcing multiple jailers to back down from their plan to remove him from the pod he controlled.

Duren, who has been in the jail 10 times since 2011, had self-proclaimed himself the leader of the pod he was in, organizing fights and managing inmates’ day-to-day lives. Detention officers decided to move him from the pod, but when they came to get him, he refused to leave.

“I’m not going,” he told the officers, according to the jail insiders. The inmates in his pod stood up to the officers, forcing them to back down and leave the pod.

The next day, the insiders say, officers came back in force and removed Duren, only to find that he would break a window with his bare hands in his new location and then break a sprinkler, flooding the jail.

“He almost caused a riot,” one jail insider said. “He was in control of that jail for a day.”

Duren was transported to the hospital to treat wounds to his hands.

Muskogee County Chief Deputy Michael Mahan said Duren had been troublesome for awhile.

“He had been causing problems, so on Tuesday, staff decided to go in and remove him,” he said. “The situation became such that the staff thought it was best to de-escalate.”

On Wednesday morning, he said, the staff returned in force, removing Duren.

“At that time, he broke a sprinkler head and a small door window with a chair,” Mahan said. “He was subsequently taken into custody and is being held in an isolated area away from other inmates.”

Duren was treated at the hospital for a minor injury to his hand.