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Born March 7, 1948

Died July 12, 2018

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Born November 29, 1956

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Thursday, August 3, 2017, 11:33 AM

Download the Lyft app on your phone and you could be a touch away from getting a ride from a driver covered in tattoos and a huge beard.

Eric Colbert is owner of a smoke shop in town, along with his brother, Matt Fallachek. When the brothers aren’t selling fidget spinners and smoking accessories, they’re driving folks around town.

Lyft is an app that allows private citizens to run a ride share service in major metropolitan areas, and now in Muskogee, too. Drivers are subjected to a background check before they can work for the company, and their cars must be 2005 or newer, ensuring the best equipment for the ride. Riders pay the app, not the driver, which means transactions are secure and painless.

But Colbert says two drivers aren’t enough for Muskogee, so he’s hoping he and his brother get competition from other Muskogee drivers.

“We can only drive at certain times, so that doesn’t work for everyone who needs a ride,” he said. “We need a lot more drivers in Muskogee. It’s free to sign up, and all you have to do is be able to pass a background check, have a 2005 or newer car, insurance, a driver’s license and registration.”

The brothers post their availability times to the Lyft Muskogee Facebook page.

On that page, you can also learn how to become a Lyft driver.

On the Lyft app, you can schedule rides in advance.

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