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Born December 24, 1937

Died May 22, 2020

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Born February 8, 1943

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Earnest L. Edwards, Sr., 81

Born February 8, 1939

Died May 16, 2020

Rhunella Lillian Bailey, 83

Born August 9, 1936

Died May 16, 2020

Reverend Dr. Ray K. Gaines, 81

Born July 29, 1938

Died May 12, 2020

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Born October 15, 1941

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Born August 25, 1928

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Born August 16, 1937

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Friday, December 27, 2019, 3:57 PM

Donnie Yarbrough

WARNING: This story contains graphic phrases of a sexual nature and a description of a violent sexual act.

A tort claim (which overrules governmental immunity to lawsuits) has been filed against the town of Fort Gibson by a woman who claims Donnie Yarbrough, police chief, relentlessly sexually harassed her, exposed his genitals to her and raped her using his fingers while he masturbated in front of her.

The tort claim, filed by Tulsa attorney Gary Richardson, claims Yarbrough “relentlessly” asked the woman to expose her breasts to him, asking her if they were augmented, and keeping mardi gras-style beads to give to her if she would expose them to him. The woman claims she “continuously” expressed her desire for the harassment to stop and told him it made her uncomfortable.

In December of 2018, the claim states, Yarbrough called the woman into his office on a work matter, and when she came in, he “fully exposed his penis to her and asked her if she wanted some and ‘did she like what she saw.'” The claim states she left his office and ran into a bathroom to cry.

In April of 2019, the suit claims, Yarbrough again exposed his penis to the woman and said he wanted to have sex with her because she was attractive, his wife was ugly and he had a sexual problem that his wife would not satisfy. She then saw that he had a picture of her pulled up on his computer, and he said they could take off work for the day and go to her home to have sex, where they would not be found.

The woman said she was scared because Yarbrough had done enough research to find where her home — outside the Fort Gibson jurisdiction — was.

In July, the suit claims, Yarbrough called the woman into his office and told her to close the door. When she did, he allegedly had his penis exposed and demanded that she perform oral sex on him, yelling at her to “suck it.” When she refused, the suit claims, he violently grabbed her and pushed her face toward his penis, again yelling at her to suck it. The woman struggled to get away from him, during which, she says, he told her he had sent all the other officers away so no one would hear her scream. During the struggle, the suit alleges, Yarbrough pulled her breast out from her shirt and pulled down her skirt and underwear and forcefully penetrated her vagina with his finger. He then began masturbating, she stated, telling her she would “cum one way or another.” He then allegedly ejaculated onto his office floor, forcing her physically to clean up the ejaculate.

The woman says Yarbrough later went by her desk and said “you don’t hate me, do you?”

The woman did not return to work until Yarbrough was suspended during an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation inquiry. She claims “numerous Fort Gibson Police Department employees have been rude, demeaning and harassing” to her from that date until the present date because of her complaint.

The suit also claims that Yarbrough is well-known to be a sexually abusive and harassing boss, and “it was well known within the department ... that Police Chief Yarbrough was a pervert who sexually harassed his female subordinates and/or employees. Yet, (he) remained in power.”

The suit demands in excess of $175,000.

Yarbrough resigned Monday night during an executive session of the Fort Gibson town council.

Several inside sources told MuskogeeNOW months ago that the OSBI cut up pieces of Yarbrough’s office carpet for DNA samples, but would not at that time go on the record.

UPDATE: Muskogee County District Attorney Orvil Loge has received the report from the OSBI, and will recuse himself next week, sending the case to the state attorney general to assign a district attorney to deal with the criminal case.