Jessie J. McCoy, 98

Born March 24, 1923

Died July 28, 2021

William Carl Collins Jr., 91

Born July 11, 1930

Died July 27, 2021

James Haskell "Jim" Gibson, 80

Born August 6, 1940

Died July 27, 2021


Born October 18, 1978

Died July 27, 2021

Donald P. Hamilton, 100

Born August 5, 1920

Died July 27, 2021


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Monday, March 23, 2020, 2:50 PM

A post copied from and pasted into a comment on Facebook erroneously implied that the first case of coronavirus in Muskogee County originated at My Place West restaurant.

The comment contained more than the story it was quoting; instead, the poster copied the MuskogeeNOW masthead and a text tag representing an ad at the top of the page before it captured the headline about the virus.

When images for advertisements on this site do not load, an “alt” tag displays the name of the business whose ad it is. In this case, it appears the commenter on Facebook copied that name in addition to the links and information at the top of the page before she copied the headline to the story, which was “Muskogee County has first confirmed coronavirus infection.”

The business, My Place West, has received numerous reports that people are assuming the business was the location of the infection because its name appeared above the headline in the copied text.

To be clear, no information about the first infection in the county has been released other than the fact that there was an infection, and it would be impossible for that infection to have been traced to a particular business.

In this time of near-panic over the virus and its effects, it’s imperative that everyone be as accurate as possible when sharing information about this story. Although MuskogeeNOW did not make this error, we felt it important to clarify what the Facebook commentator’s post made unclear.