Kay Lorraine Pascoe, 72

Born December 21, 1945

Died November 18, 2018

Dorothy A. Byers, 88

Born May 30, 1930

Died November 18, 2018

Louis Lee "Lou" Wheeler, 86

Born May 5, 1932

Died November 16, 2018


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Friday, August 31, 2018, 8:43 AM

A little girl severely injured at a Muskogee daycare this month suffered injuries inconsistent with the daycare’s story that she ran into another child, according to doctors who examined her.

The girl was hurt earlier this month at the Champions Daycare, 306 S. B Street, to the extent that her eye socket was broken and her lip was completely split in two. Reports that her teeth were broken above the gum line are unconfirmed at this point.

Following a DHS investigation, but before the doctors compiled their report, the daycare has stayed open.

Meanwhile, according to the family’s attorney, Steve Money, the doctors who examined the girl said the “degree of trauma does not match the history provided” by the daycare. The damage was so severe that a Muskogee urgent care facility turned the girl away and directed the daycare to take her to the emergency room instead. In the report, The doctor who examined the girl “does not feel (the) degree of trauma matches (the) history provided. He mentioned that the distance of the orbital fracture location to oral trauma and lacerations seems larger than the head of a 6 year old. Also the degree of damage from blunt trauma appears to be more than what could be done from bumping heads while running or running into each other.”

The doctors notified DHS and the Muskogee Police to “investigate further,” based on their findings. Meanwhile, the daycare remains open.