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Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 10:18 AM

The injuries to this girl's face will require plastic surgery to repair, according to those close to her.

A little girl was severely injured at a Muskogee daycare yesterday last week, with facial injuries that will require plastic surgery to repair, according to those close to the family. The girl’s eye socket is broken and her lip was split through.

The daycare, Champions Daycare inside the former building of The Cross Church of God at 306 S. B Street, is still open today and watching children.

The little girl was injured at this daycare.

According to sources inside the investigation, who asked to not be named publicly, the daycare’s representatives told investigators the girl “ran into another child,” which investigators think is an unlikely explanation for injuries of the severity she suffered.

Another source inside the investigation says two workers have been suspended. DHS, which is in charge of the investigation, is also in charge of the decision on whether to let the daycare remain open or not.

Opal Jimerson, who runs the daycare, called the girl’s parents saying she had a “busted lip” and was on her way to urgent care, according to an inside source who asked to not be named. The urgent care turned the girl away, telling daycare workers to take her to the hospital, because the injuries were too severe to be treated at an outpatient facility.

Asked this morning about the incident, Jimerson said she would need to contact her attorney. After speaking with her attorney, she said “we are going to do a no-comment.”

UPDATE: Muskogee Police Officer Lincoln Anderson confirmed two workers have been suspended.

“DHS is involved. Other than that, all I can release at this time is that it’s still under investigation.”

UPDATE: The injury occurred last week, not yesterday.