Edward Eugene Page, 74

Born November 14, 1947

Died June 23, 2022

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Born April 3, 1936

Died June 22, 2022

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Born May 21, 1942

Died June 22, 2022

Robert Harvill Smith, 87

Born June 9, 1935

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Born March 11, 1940

Died June 19, 2022

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Born February 28, 1930

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Monday, June 6, 2022, 8:41 AM

Jeff Fry, basketball coach at Braggs, who was recently accused of inappropriate comments to a female student, isn’t new to such accusations. In fact, in 2007, Fry was accused of having intercourse with an underage female student from Talihina, where he was then the basketball coach, at a rodeo in the Hartshorne area in a sleeper horse trailer of his.

According to the girl’s statement, Fry, was “very attractive,” and it was known at the school that he “messed with younger high school girls.” After finding out that she had a crush on him, the girl states, Fry would use one of her friend’s phones to text her during sixth hour at school. They arranged to meet in the Hartshorne area after a football game in Gore, according to the statement.

Brought in by Pittsburg County deputies, according to the affidavit, Fry admitted having sex with the 16-year-old after an extended period of flirting, culminating in her accompanying him to his sleeper.

Talihina Schools offered him the chance to fight the allegations or resign, and he allegedly told police that after discussing it with his wife, he would resign.

The girl’s and Fry’s recorded statements matched in details of what happened.

The superintendent at Talihina at the time has long since been retired, and the new superintendent says he remembers the case, but was not privy to the details of why the allegations and resignation were not reported to the state school board, which would have kept Fry from being employed as a teacher in the state from then on. The Pittsburg County sheriff’s office also claimed it did not know why the case was not forwarded to a district attorney for prosecution, but the Talihina superintendent, Mr. Lockhart, says he recalls there was “some kind of deal.”

Fast forward to 2022, and Fry is teaching in Braggs, coaching and accused of yet another situation with a minor student. There is no criminal case in the Braggs allegations as of today.

UPDATE: Fry called just now and said the papers where deputies say he confessed are wrong, that he did not confess and did not have sex with the student in 2007, nor with the student from Braggs.

UPDATE: A case was filed in the 2007 incident, but the case was later dropped, according to a document provided by Fry.