Bill G. Shirel, 87

Born February 17, 1934

Died June 10, 2021

Russell Gilbert "Russ" Hayes, 92

Born June 22, 1928

Died June 9, 2021

Virginia Lee Tutt, 82

Born January 16, 1939

Died June 8, 2021

David Ronald Franklin, 75

Born September 4, 1945

Died June 8, 2021

Robert Lee Barker, 78

Born May 23, 1943

Died June 8, 2021


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Friday, May 28, 2021, 10:24 AM

The City of Muskogee announced today that it will use new technology to coordinate traffic signals around the Court Street intersection with Main Street and the Callahan intersection with Cherokee to help ease the traffic jams that occur in that area when trains block the main east-west roads.

“When a train is hindering the flow of traffic now, cars naturally detour to the viaduct,” said Mike Miller, city manager. “Under this new plan, the detour route should not back up and slow down traffic traveling on that route. “We’re going to get the backups off of Main Street and off of the viaduct. Some people may have to go a couple of blocks out of their way, but they won’t be sitting still.”

In addition to the four corners that will receive upgrades, Main Street will also get a new signal coordination systems to coordinate traffic flow, and a satellite detection system to detect an oncoming train in order to active the four corners traffic flow system.