Anthony "Pee Wee" Roberts, 33

Born September 13, 1987

Died May 5, 2021

Mary J. Risor, 77

Born September 2, 1943

Died May 5, 2021

Bob Hutson, 70

Born August 14, 1950

Died May 5, 2021

Billy Monroe Sampson, 71

Born July 9, 1949

Died May 5, 2021

Shirley Wainman, 85

Born January 28, 1936

Died May 5, 2021


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Monday, May 3, 2021, 8:55 AM

“Backroom politics” is alive and well in Muskogee, according to at least one city councilor. Council members are currently forbidden from attending executive sessions of city boards - whose members are not elected by the people, but whose decisions affect the city and its residents.

State law allows legislators to attend executive sessions, but there is currently no provision allowing city councilors to attend.

Councilor Traci McGee introduced an ordinance that will be voted on at tonight’s council meeting which would allow councilors to attend the executive sessions of boards affecting the city.

“Those boards are the real power in Muskogee,” she said, and the unelected board members decide serious and pressing issues without input from the council.

The proposal would make councilors ex officio members of all city boards, a fancy way of saying they can’t be barred from executive sessions, as they currently are.