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Born March 4, 1928

Died February 14, 2019

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 10:39 AM

Protestors stand on 32nd Street to remind travelers of the injustice they perceive DHS perpetuated in the case of a toddler who was brutally injured at Champions Daycare in Muskogee.

DHS was biased and wrong when they declared no problems at Champions Daycare in Muskogee after a toddler was brutally injured there, the girl’s parents and community members said today as they protested outside DHS’s offices on South 32nd St.

Drivers honked as they sped by, and protestors held signs proclaiming their desire to get Justice for Jay.

The girl’s dad, Desi Lewis, 45, was out on his birthday protesting, when supervisors from DHS came out of the building to ask him to leave.

Attorney Stephen R. Money, left, talks to his client, Desi Lewis, about his interaction with police at the protest.

“They told me the building’s owners were upset and that I was causing problems for the other businesses,” he said. “None of those other businesses were complaining.”

After a little while, he said, Muskogee Police showed up.

“They were great,” he said. “They said as long as I was peaceful, I was fine, and they weren’t going to do anything.”

The protest is based on DHS’s assessment that there were no problems at the daycare leading to the girl’s horrific facial injuries.

“It’s been 53 days now,” Steve Money, attorney for the family, said. “If this child had gone to school like that, Mr. Lewis would have been arrested in 53 seconds and he’d probably still be in jail, and DHS would have taken all the children out of the home. If DHS had spent as much time investigating this case as they did calling the police and trying to get these protestors off the property, maybe there would have been a better outcome.”