Edward Eugene Page, 74

Born November 14, 1947

Died June 23, 2022

Irene (Triggs) Freeman, 86

Born April 3, 1936

Died June 22, 2022

Jacqueline Vonrobel, 80

Born May 21, 1942

Died June 22, 2022

Robert Harvill Smith, 87

Born June 9, 1935

Died June 20, 2022

Willie Taylor, 82

Born March 11, 1940

Died June 19, 2022

Wendell Roy Dieman, 92

Born February 28, 1930

Died June 19, 2022


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Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 6:25 PM

There is an active bomb threat in Muskogee according to Muskogee Police.

The threat, which was revealed to Muskogee Police by Tulsa Police, is being treated seriously, and the police are asking residents to shelter in place until they’ve been able to sort it out.

The threat indicates the possible presence of the alleged bomb on Park Place, but no specific address is available at this minute.

We will update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE 7:07 PM: A Muskogee-area official has confirmed but did not want to be quoted, that the alleged shooter at the Warren Clinic in Tulsa apparently was from Muskogee and there is an indication that he had left a bomb at his house in Muskogee, 3325 N. Park Place, in the Country Club neighborhood.

The owner of the house is Michael Louis, 45. We were unable to reach him by phone. We are in no way insinuating that he is involved in this situation; we are just noting that he is the current owner of the house.

UPDATE: 8:04 PM: The Muskogee Police just sent this press release:

We are the scene at 3325 Park Place North in reference to a possible bomb inside. The Tulsa Police Department received information that the shooter at 61st and Yale may have left a bomb at this residence. At this time we have evacuated the house and have notified everyone in the area to stay inside their homes.

OHP bomb squad is on scene and we are obtaining a search warrant to search the residence.

This is still an active scene

Information from multiple sources — but still unconfirmed by any official sources — is that the alleged shooter killed an orthopedic surgeon in Tulsa for allegedly botching a surgery on the alleged shooter’s wife.

UPDATE 10:24 PM: No explosives were found in the residence, according to Muskogee County District Attorney Larry Edwards. Officers are processing the residence for evidence related to the mass shooting in Tulsa.