Carolyn D. Love, 68

Born March 12, 1952

Died March 4, 2021

Linda Kay Hopkins, 69

Born July 5, 1951

Died March 2, 2021

James "Jim" A. Wilson, 77

Born August 12, 1943

Died March 1, 2021

Anieta J. Denison, 80

Born February 25, 1941

Died March 1, 2021

Rev. Donald Ray Youker, 80

Born November 13, 1940

Died February 28, 2021


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Saturday, March 6

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Monday, March 8

Celebration Revival

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 1:37 PM

Howard Jayne

Howard Jayne, who taught history, political science, international relations and other subjects in Muskogee Public Schools for 26 years, has died, according to the family.

His obituary appears here.

Jayne was known for engaging his students not as children or teenagers, but as equals, prodding them to learn through engagement rather than rote. Generations of Muskogee students proclaimed him their favorite teacher.

His wife, Lillian Jayne, a Muskogee Realtor, was also a longtime and beloved teacher.

Howard Jayne was 75.