Jimmy Ray "JR" Hutson, 73

Born May 5, 1946

Died February 16, 2020

John V. Allen Jr., 65

Born December 9, 1954

Died February 16, 2020

Deborah Moore, 61

Born December 10, 1958

Died February 15, 2020

Jessi Michelle Haworth , 15

Born September 3, 2004

Died February 15, 2020

Mary Lois VanBeber-Coffman, 94

Born September 2, 1925

Died February 15, 2020

Myrtle M "Punkie" Staton, 80

Born June 15, 1939

Died February 15, 2020


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Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 9:16 AM

Arrowhead Mall LLC, the company that owns Arrowhead Mall, has sued the city of Muskogee in Muskogee County District Court, alleging the city is wrongfully and unlawfully trying to exercise authority over the mall to prevent the US Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office from moving its office into the mostly-vacant mall.

The Urban Renewal Plan that the city used to say it couldn’t allow the move “expired by its own terms in 2010”, the lawsuit states.

Arrowhead states that it is likely to lose its contract with the VA to fill that office space.

“The Defendants’ actions have left the property with no viable alternative use and constitute a taking without just compensation,” the suit states, alleging that the city is taking control of the mall without paying for that control.

City Attorney Roy Tucker said his reading of the Urban Renewal Plan indicates that it did not expire and therefore still governs the mall.