Fay Ann Richardson, 90

Born December 23, 1930

Died January 17, 2021

Jasper David "Chuck" Jordan, 92

Born May 28, 1928

Died January 17, 2021

Richard "Dick" P. Sheffield, 85

Born April 24, 1935

Died January 17, 2021

Anthony Ward, 78

Born December 6, 1942

Died January 16, 2021

Angelique R. McPherren, 48

Born May 5, 1972

Died January 16, 2021


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Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 9:07 AM

Travler Ray Ward, 19, of Council Hill is facing a felony and misdemeanor charge in Muskogee County District Court after allegedly spotlighting deer, then leading a game warden on a high-speed chase and later running a driver off the road.

According to an affidavit filed by Game Warden Cannon Harrison, he witnessed a black diesel Ram pickup with a stock trailer driving eastbound slowly around 133rd and S. 154th W, on Nov. 26. Harrison said he saw a bright light shining out the driver’s side of the window, which is consistent with spotlighting deer.

“This type of behavior is ... illegal and potentially dangerous,” Harrison said. “Individuals shooting at night create a risk factor due to the fact that they are unable to identify what is behind the target, potentially leading to an individual or livestock being shot — up to miles behind the target.”

The pickup, he said, continued for about 150 yards until Harrison lit up his lights and sirens. The pickup, however, started accelerating to the point that the trailer began bouncing back and forth from ditch to ditch, he said.

The pursuit reached speeds of almost 100 miles per hour, blowing yield signs and stop signs, Harrison reported. The pickup apparently ran two vehicles off the road in the process. Around 3/4 mile south of E. 1010 Road and N. 4080 Rd, Harrison found the vehicle parked with lights off and no occupant, pouring smoke from the radiator. He ran the tags and came up with Ward’s name.

Ward was later pulled over on Dec. 23 in Eufaula driving a Chevy pickup. The officer asked if he was the one who ran from police, and according to the affidavit, Ward admitted he was.