Edward Eugene Page, 74

Born November 14, 1947

Died June 23, 2022

Irene (Triggs) Freeman, 86

Born April 3, 1936

Died June 22, 2022

Jacqueline Vonrobel, 80

Born May 21, 1942

Died June 22, 2022

Robert Harvill Smith, 87

Born June 9, 1935

Died June 20, 2022

Willie Taylor, 82

Born March 11, 1940

Died June 19, 2022

Wendell Roy Dieman, 92

Born February 28, 1930

Died June 19, 2022


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Monday, June 6, 2022, 7:24 PM

A 14-year-old girl, whose identity we have verified, but are withholding, says on Feb. 10 of this year, Braggs basketball coach Jeff Fry, who earlier allegedly admitted to having sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old student from Talihina, where he then was a coach, closely examined her breasts, then made inappropriate comments on the size of them.

Fry denies the alleged previous admission of sex with the minor, and his attorney called earlier today to demand information on how MuskogeeNOW acquired documents that were supposedly sealed by a court order from Pittsburg County — although police records are not necessarily sealed when a criminal case is dismissed and sealed. Fry has also denied making inappropriate comments to the girl from Braggs.

The Braggs girl, who says she is one of two victims in Braggs, said she has been harassed incessantly since she made her story known in February.

“I have been waiting for this,” the girl said just now. “I would love to share my story about Jeff Fry. So this was back in February 10th 2022 when I was sitting at the scoreboard in the gym. He then approached me and my friend next to me looked at my breasts with wide eyes then at my eyes then back to my breasts and said “[name redacted] you have a lot going on right there” I awkwardly zipped up my jacket as he laughed it off and walked away. Later that day I went and told my coach and it was dropped that day. It wasn’t until the following week when the principal John Pinkston decided to do anything about it. Ever since the incident I haven’t been able to truly feel like myself and look myself in the mirror. What he did traumatized me. I’ve gotten threats of people coming to my house and jumping me and saying I caused this and it’s my fault.”

The girl went on to say School Board member Alicia Beasley showed up to her family’s home and pounded on the door, demanding to speak to the family.

“He’s done this to multiple people,” the girl said. “He gets away with it.”

The girl had a friend next to her at the time, who corroborates her story.

Fry has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. He has also threatened loudly to sue

UPDATE: Beasley says the girl’s statement misrepresented why she was at the family’s house, saying the girl and her son had been driving without licenses, and she came to the house to speak with the mother to say she hadn’t been the one who called law enforcement about the children driving.

“I didn’t go up there to talk to her about that,” Beasley said. “I’m smarter than that.”