BREAKING: Two jailers removed, one jailed over drugs in jail

One jailer was arrested and another was fired today after surveillance cameras allegedly showed them allowing drugs into the Muskogee County/City Detention Facility.

"We're going to look at the video a lot closer tomorrow to see if we have enough to arrest (the second woman)," said Charles Pearson, sheriff. "A suspect brought the drugs in and had them in his underwear. The jailers saw him try to get rid of the drugs, didn't do anything, and then they saw him put them in a container and didn't do anything again. We zoomed in on the camera after the deputies found the dope, and for awhile, we couldn't figure out how it got past booking."

Cree Robinson was the jailer who was arrested.

The drugs were a small amount marijuana and three baggies containing what is believed to be rock-form crack cocaine.

Robinson is being held in solitary and likely will be moved to another facility after she is arraigned. After the investigation is complete and deputies have re-examined the video and audio, if they can prove the second jailer knew what was going on, she will be arrested as well.