Mobile site launches has been undergoing several seemingly small changes over the past week, some of which you may have noticed, some of which you may not have.

Ultimately, those small changes were all aimed at what we launched today: a mobile-only site that is friendlier to those using mobile devices.

Formerly, mobile users had to load the entire desktop site and then zoom in to read news. We have eliminated that necessity with these changes. Now, mobile users will automatically be served the mobile-centric version of the site, which should make reading both quicker and easier. The mobile version of the site still does everything the non-mobile version does, but it doesn't require users to do anything extra to get to the stories. also went through a mobile conversion this week, and response has been unanimously positive, but that doesn't mean readers here will have the same reaction, so feel free to let us know below or at whether you love it or hate it. If you hate it, please be sure to tell us why so we can look to address your concerns.

Thanks for reading - our readership continues to grow beyond our wildest expectations. According to the latest numbers we got from our analytics, has an average weekday readership of 40,000 readers - that's unique sets of eyes, not pageloads. THANK YOU and keep reading, we're working VERY hard behind the scenes to increase the value (you pay nothing to read MuskogeeNOW and always will) for you!